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Excerpt from "The Fringes"

The following is an excerpt from "The Fringes," a forthcoming collection of angsty poetry and poetic angst.

When toxic is conventional
And the standard is industrial
What does it mean?
It makes me scream

When natural is alternative
Does it mean we've lost the will to live
Or have we just been duped
By the fallacy of medicine?

When the gods of anti-quality
Cast their spells on you and me
What can we do?
The people must choose

When expertise and craft are razed
And convenience is so highly praised
What will this cost,
All that we've lost?

When everything looks just the same
And money wipes away the pain
How can we feel
What's actually real?

When tangible turns obsolete
(Manipulation, so discreet)
Let us not get hypnotized -
There's a lot of shit to rectify