As a writer, vinyl DJ, and performance artist, my creative work sits at the intersection of self-awareness, social activism, spirituality, and subculture.


My writing presents itself in a variety of forms ranging from personal narrative and flash nonfiction to lyrics and experimental poetry. I often explore and embrace themes such as intersectional feminism, bodily reclamation, and living slowly and authentically in an increasingly "urgent" world.


As a record collector, vinyl DJ, and event organizer, I embrace subcultural genres ranging from Soul, RnB, and Garage Rock to Punk, Rockabilly, and Country-Western, using sound as a vehicle to break barriers, cultivate community, and empower individuals. As a performance artist, I weave together my love for music, movement, vintage aesthetic, and powerful messaging to craft potent stories.


In addition to the above endeavors, I also work full-time as an Operations Manager at New_Public, where we are working to envision, architect, and transform the future of healthy digital public spaces. I have a deep passion for helping values-driven start-ups strengthen their infrastructure, expand their reach, and make an impact. 

I am not merely "based" but deeply rooted in Chicago, IL. This city is my forever muse.

Photo by Alex Connor @viciousiris