Hi, I'm Ricki. Outside of my job in fundraising and operations at a non-profit, I cultivate several interests in the realm of music, writing, and holistic medicine. My work sits at the intersection of self-awareness, social activism, spirituality, and subculture.


My writing presents itself in a variety of forms ranging from personal narrative and food writing to lyrics and experimental poetry. I often explore and embrace themes such as intersectional feminism, bodily reclamation, and embracing slowness in an increasingly fast-paced world. 


As a record collector, vinyl DJ, and occasional event organizer, I embrace genres that represent the alternative subcultures of yesteryear: soul, RnB, garage rock, country western, rockabilly, and more. I see music and movement as powerful vehicles to break barriers, cultivate community, and empower individuals. 


I am currently practicing as a student of holistic medicine through the Academy of Healing Nutrition. Beginning July 2024, I will be officially certified as an International Practitioner of Holistic Medicine (IHPM). This path has enabled all my longtime interests to come full circle, from Eastern medicine and plant-based nutrition to mindfulness and sustainable living.

I am not merely "based" but deeply rooted in Chicago, IL. This city is my forever muse.

Photo by Alex Connor @viciousiris