As a writer, my work presents itself in a variety of forms ranging from personal essays and lyrics to flash nonfiction and experimental poetry. I often explore the intersection of feminism, spirituality, fantasy, community, and self-awareness, and am fascinated by the concept of using magic to illuminate the realities of our modern world.


As a record collector, vinyl DJ, and event organizer, I focus everything from Soul, RnB, and Garage Rock to Punk, Power Pop, Rockabilly, and Country-Western from the fifties through the seventies, using sound as a vehicle to break barriers, cultivate community, and empower individuals.


In addition to the above creative endeavors, I also enjoy plant-based cooking, holistic wellness, fashion and wearable art, and all things vintage. I also work full-time as an Operations Manager at a digital media agency that uplifts progressive causes and campaigns. 

I am not merely "based" but deeply rooted in Chicago, IL. This city is my forever muse.

Photo by Alex Connor @viciousiris