To put it simply, I love words: reading them, writing them, crafting and fine-tuning them. But even greater than my love for words is my love for people + places, music + movement, and self + society. These are the things that inform, shape, and ultimately define my writing.

My work presents itself in a variety of forms: personal essays, lyrics, elusive vignettes, experimental poems, and more. I write with inspiration from the magic I find in everyday moments and ordinary people.

What else? I’m an old soul who's unabashedly in love with the music and subcultures of the fifties and sixties, collecting and selecting the sounds of these eras in the form of vinyl records - namely RnB, soul, popcorn, country-western, rockabilly, and garage (vintage vibes, not vintage values). In short, I'm a sonic storyteller who uses music to break barriers and cultivate communities.

That toddlin' town on the right is Chicago, IL, where my runs root deep and where I am based. This city influences and inspires my writing, perhaps more than anything else in the world.

If you would like to work together on a project, or if you're looking for a DJ to cue up the vintage vibes at your next event, please contact me. 

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