As a record collector, vinyl DJ, and event organizer from Chicago, I believe wholeheartedly in the power of music and its capacity to break barriers, cultivate community, and empower individuals. I see my turntables as a canvas on which I splatter the contents of my record collection, crafting sonic stories meant to inspire and ignite.

I focus primarily on the sounds of the fifties through the seventies, collecting and spinning everything from Soul, Funk, and RnB to Punk, Power Pop, Rockabilly, and Garage Rock. Whether it's curating the mood at a cocktail bar, providing the soundtrack to a late-night dance party, or partnering with an organization in support of a cause, there's nothing I love more than curating a set of songs to set the vibe and bring people together. 


PAS TOUT À FAIT is an ongoing series of mixes featuring the mod-tastic sounds of the late fifties to the early seventies: Soul, Funk, RnB, Garage, Mod Jazz, Beat, Boogaloo, & more. The mixes are all curated from my collection of 45s and uploaded onto Mixcloud for your enjoyment. Have a listen to Volume 1 here!

PAS TOUT À FAIT is French for "not quite." It's a nod to my partiality toward things of the atypical or "underground" variety, and to those who embrace the same.

DIG THIS: A Series of Sonic Journeys

Since my mind is frequently overflowing with maps and diagrams of the alternative music and subcultures that I cherish, I created DIG THIS as a way to illustrate and contextualize these thoughts in a more tangible manner.

In this series of mixes, I meander down a variety of musical rabbit-holes. Each volume features a deep dive into a favorite genre, sub-genre, sub-sub-genre, or specific theme... all explored (of course) through the medium of vinyl.

Have a listen to Volume 1 (and all forthcoming volumes) on Mixcloud.


I love to get out there and spin my records! You can find me slinging tunes around Chicago at cocktail bars such as Chef's Special and Bokeh, and at venues such as Golden Dagger, where I organize a monthly vintage dance party in partnership with All Mod Chicago. Check out my upcoming gigs here.

I love to collaborate with local organizations and causes to curate a good time and bring people together. For booking inquiries or to partner on an event, please contact me!